Skill Development Courses in 2020

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2210 students
Skill Development Courses in 2020

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Skill Development Courses have been made by a team of passionate professional people who wanted to make education more effective by using the medium of sport. Cricket and other sports are strong influencers. Our courses are registered with Skill Development in India under Skill India and National Digital Literacy Mission . 

These mediums have widespread appeal and cut across language and a socio-economic barrier to keep people engaged. We have made Skill development courses for the candidates with innovative and easy to grasp, using the medium of sport!

For Skill development courses, we have partnered with the British Council to create EnglishStrokes for India. We developed animated videos for school, college, and corporate segments.

Skill development in india is working in over 2000 schools, colleges, and corporate. We are also working with central and state governments in India. Our online learning platform has helped us reach out to learners across the globe.

Powerpack Skill Development courses are designed to help you look at career options and development.  Nowadays the companies have started giving importance to job-specific soft skills, besides degrees or qualification, you hold for a particular job.

Everyone would require these skills in every stage to become a competent and suitable candidate. So you should understand and develop these distinct skills before your career starts. By doing these professional courses, you can mould yourself to face the challenging requirement of the job industry.

The special feature of this course is that it is given with cricketing analogy with examples so that learning becomes interesting and you can understand very easily. On successful completion of the course and clearing the exam, a certificate is provided by Krish Srikkanth.


India has the highest employable workforce in the world but only handfuls are employable. Why? They require certain employable skills to improve their career.


We have 25% of Engineers.

India has 15% Finance and Accounting professionals.

Only 10% of Graduates from colleges and Universities are employable in India.

80% fresher’s find it very difficult to sustain their position on entering into a new organization.

60% of working professionals are not able to improve in their current role.

A recent survey report confirms that:-

5 lakh engineers who have done graduated last year, only 17.45 % are employable.

Only 17.45% of IT Engineers are employable for the IT services sector.

Only 3.51% are appropriately trained to be directly deployed on projects. Further, only 2.68% are employable in IT companies, which require a greater understanding of computer science and algorithms.

Concentrating on the increasing quantity of engineers has impacted quality drastically. About 30 million job vacancies for skilled force are available in India at any point of time.

Expected learning outcomes include a mixture of data, values, attitudes, and skills with a specific emphasis on those skills associated with critical thinking and problem-solving self-management and communication and interpersonal skills.

Our Skill Development Courses list


Name of Course

Nos of Lessons

Activities Involved

Course Duration


Grooming & Etiquettes



08 Min 05 Sec


Art of Writing



23 Min 08 Sec


Interview Techniques



24 Min 13 Sec





17 Min 02 Sec


Health & Hygiene



18 Min 29 Sec


Health & Safety



27 Min 42 Sec

Courses for Skill Development 

Grooming & Etiquettes

Grooming & Etiquettes are one of the special parts of our Skill Development courses. The numbers of lessons are 11 in the Course of skill development. Numbers of activities in the course are 3 and the duration more than 8 minutes which cover the followings:-

  1. Skill development courses will guide you to explain your appearance before going for an Interview i.e. don’t put mobiles, wallets, and extra staff in your side-pockets as it gives a bulky look to your legs.
  2. Shoes should be brown or black colored. White clothes shoes or sports shoes should be strictly avoided. Buy the best and branded shoes if you can afford it. Avoid noisy shoes as it will distract everyone.
  3. All noticeable body-piercing, tattoos should be hidden. Tattoos present you as rebellious behavior and give a tick in mind to the selectors.
  4. Avoid smoke or odorous food before interviews. You can take breath fresheners like mantos or chocolate.
  5. Clean your nails take a good haircut and brush your teeth properly. All these basic traits shall be provided in Skill development courses.

Art of Writing      

Art of Writing is the key part of our Skill Development courses. The numbers of lessons are 13 in the Course of skill development. Numbers of activities in the course are 5 and Course duration is approx 24 minutes which are about the followings:-

Writing is an art of expressing your thoughts and knowledge. You can turn your skills high with the help of the art of writing. Writing can be of content writing, book writing, blog writing, or poem writing. If it gives you a state of satisfaction, then you can choose it as your profession also.

Skill development courses shall brief you about the Art of Writing. With the help of the course, you will learn how to write an article, blog, letter, and other English related content.

Interview Techniques   

Interview techniques are a special part of our Skill Development courses. The numbers of lessons are 17 in the Course of skill development. Numbers of activities in the course are 6 and Course duration is 24 mins which cover the followings:-

1            To introduce Indian youth to business etiquette and grooming to become suitable candidates for jobs or entrepreneurs.

2            To familiarize students with dress and grooming during a formal found out.

3            To explain the importance and the use of courtesy being used during the Interview.

4            To familiarize students with table manners observed at business lunches and dinners.

5            To introduce e-mail etiquette, telephone manners, and overall conduct at the place of their job location.

  1. To explain and importance to the use of time, space, and things in the world of work.


Motivation is a process that initiates a person to start, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. It persuades you to work, irrespective of challenges faced. Motivation helps you to reach your goal.

Motivation is a biological, emotional, social, and cognitive process that forces you to activate. The term “motivation” is used to describe why a person does something of its own. It is the driving force behind every action.

Motivation is one of the best parts of our Skill Development courses. The numbers of lessons are 13 in the Course of skill development. Numbers of activities in the course are 4 and the duration more than 17 minutes which cover the followings:-

Advantage of motivation:

  • First, it helps people take action and determine your goal.
  • It helps improve the efficiency of people as they work toward goals.
  • Help people avoid unhealthy or maladaptive behaviors such as risk-taking and addiction
  • Improve overall well-being and happiness
  • Help people feel more in control of their lives

Hygiene, Health & Safety

Hygiene, Health & Safety is also a unique part of our Skill Development courses. The numbers of lessons are 14 in the Course of skill development. Numbers of activities in the course are 2 and the duration more than 18 minutes which cover the followings:-

Learning Objectives of Hygiene

Each of the five modules course has its objectives. By the end of the series, learners will understand:

  • The reasons of cleanliness and the consequences in case lapses.
  • The types of microorganisms and the impact they have and how to control them.
  • How to safely use cleaning chemicals and day to day uses.
  • How to monitor cleaning, and measure performance and impact measurement.
  • How and why cleaning should be documented
  • Types of wastes and their management.

Theme-Based Learning

This is an exclusive theoretical concept to generate interest among learners. All learning elements are based on the concept of cricket and movies. By this method, you can easily relate to these and completely internalize the concept. This way of theoretical example helps in better understanding.

Interactive AV sessions

Skill Development Courses sessions are so well customized to the learning level of the student. The pace is absolute as per the candidate choice. The candidate gets to have his course page to navigate from one module to another.

Expert View

The user gets expert views on each Skill Development Courses. The experts are from diverse backgrounds like sport, cinema, business, education, media, etc. Each session/ Learning Object would comprise text / visual elements, and audio/video components, quizzes, and other interactivities.

Presentation Live Interaction

Schools, Colleges, and Corporate also have options for their institutional model. The content is loaded onto their server/local network for fast processing. Even we have instructor-led modes in which the program can be delivered through an instructor. Live Interaction option through webcasts and video chats is also available.

Our Testimonials

“Kris Srikkanth, the swashbuckling, happy cricketer, is in the form of his life in this Skill Development and Personality Development Program for students, corporate executives, and young professionals. Positive, committed, spontaneous, and reflective, he offers lessons on doing well in life through the lived experience and metaphor of cricket at its inspirational best. Not to be missed.”

Mr. N. Ram, Former Editor–in–Chief, “The Hindu”

“Kris Srikkanth’s rich experience in cricket has enabled him as a good coach to train the youngsters using today’s latest technology in all the nuances of cricket as a game. His coaching skills and powerful Training skills will benefit youngsters across the globe.” Mr. Rahul Dravid, Ex-Cricketer, India

”The Edustrokes program released by Kris Srikkanth blends education in his inimitable style with real-life concepts from the world of sports especially cricket. This unique fun learning methodology will surely help students to understand different concepts in Math’s and Science and be of great help to them.” Mrs. Sheela Rajendra, Deputy Dean, Director, Padma Seshadri Group of Schools

“This Skill Development and Personality Development program released by Mr. Kris Srikkanth blends Management Philosophies in his inimitable style with real-life concepts from the world of cricket and movies. I found this to be highly motivating and energizing, I am sure the young entrepreneurs, students, and professionals will surely benefit out of this.” Mr. Arvind Swamy, Actor, CEO – Talent Maximus

“MSME Development Institute, Chennai is happy to have the association of to provide Value added Soft Skill online Training Program using cricket an example to equip unemployed youth, aspiring entrepreneurs, working professionals and MSMEs, to improve the personality, leadership ability and building capacity for managing an Enterprise. We have gone through the modules and the cricket-based learning approach designed is unique and captures all success points in a truly inspirational way”. – S. Sivagnanam, Director

Army Welfare Education Society (AWES)

We would like to congratulate you for your Innovative portal to teach math and physics through sporting analogies as value-added learning modules, which has received positive feedback from the 60 Army public Schools where the project has been implemented.” – A Datta, Colonel (Retd.), Director Schools.

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Art of Writing
Interview Techniques
Health & Hygiene
Health & Safety
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