Best Online Beginner English Speaking Course

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2210 students
2210 students
Best Online Beginner English Speaking Course

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Beginner English Speaking Course

Beginner English Speaking Course has been designed to turn your love for cricket into learning English. The course has been developed in partnership with the British Council, world leaders in English language training and  Mr. Krish Srikanth through Englishstroke.

It brings together English and Cricket, an interactive exciting and engaging English course which is easy to understand and grasp. The course includes continuous assessment, measurement of progress and leads to a course completion certificate.

British Council started its journey in 1934 founded by the British Government. Its headquarters is in London, United Kingdom. With over 86 years of rich experience in the English language, we can help you achieve your goals!

Englishstroke & English Speaker welcomes you to join our carefully designed Beginner English speaking course. In this module, we are committed to giving you a great and different English learning experience with great results.

Basic Requirement of the Course

For the Beginner English speaking course, the candidate needs a basic understanding of the English language. This is initial level of the English Speaking Course.

Kindly note questions and answers on a notebook for practice and review the new vocabulary and their uses in practical.

Why you should do this Course?

If you are struggling to speak and master English, then the British Council English learning course is the best for you. The technique of presenting, speaking, and listening abilities is very interactive for your improvement in all areas of the English language. Then Beginner English Speaking Course is the best for you.

Whether you wish to start learning English you are a student or as a beginner or an Executive, Home maker, we have the Best English Speaking course in India for you, making you speak fluent English!

Our English speaking course is designed by experts and technical team to meet the daily needs of people who struggle with English speaking skills. Such people have very bad experiences for themselves and the listener.

What is the Content in this Course?


Beginner English Speaking Course contains 10 units covering the followings:-

  • 10 Conversation Video & Activities
  • 20 Grammar Video & Activities
  • 10 Player Profiles with Activities
  • 20 World maps
  • 3 Video Anecdotes
  • 10 Listen & Speak Activities

Beginner English Speaking Course especially focuses on grammar

  • Listening & Conversation
  • Developing reading skills & vocabulary
  • Vocabulary Anecdotes

Level Beginner: At initial level of this course, the candidate will understand reading skills, basic conversational expressions and phrases. These skills will boost your confidence to introduce yourself, narrate events in the past, present and future.

Beginner English Speaking Course will provide you a platform to have command, degree of accuracy, and develop their pronunciation.

Content is “KING

Our motto is simple and everyone knows that “content is KING”. We are here to impart you with the best online English learning experience on the planet.

Our online English course content is unique and easy to understand. We have united years of our research to present you the quickest way to learn English – through the medium of Cricket.

Interactive learning

Our online courses focus on making your learning experience interactive. We make your learning as interactive as possible by providing you with what it takes to find out and master English.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting to learn English otherwise you have already tried other English courses. Once you start learning, you’ll learn what it takes to become a master in spoken English.

Grammar Knowledge in Beginner English Speaking Course 

Grammar is the system and main structure of a language. Grammar rules help us to decide the sequence of words and which form of a word to be used.

When you’re talking about grammar, it’s most important to know some basic terms. The following are called parts of speech and each has its uses as per the sentence.


Verbs are known as ‘doing words’ and can also show ‘having’ or ‘being’.

For example:

  • The horse jumped the fence.
  • The rider had a fall.
  • The rider is not hurt.


Nouns are the names of places, people, things or ideas. We can further divide it into four categories.

  • Common nouns – Cow, Laptop, river, Cake.
  • Collective nouns or the names of a group of particulars – a herd of cows, a flock of sheep.
  • Proper nouns or the names of places, people and so on – Newyork, Ram, Plain English Campaign.
  • Abstract nouns (names of things we can’t see or touch) – love, hope, fear, decision, poverty


Adjectives describe nouns.

For example:

  • She wore a blue.
  • The small dog barked at me.
  • cool breeze made her shiver.


Adverbs are used to give additional information about how, when or where a verb can be used. For example:

  • He drove slowly.
  • She spoke loudly.
  • The article is well


Pronouns are typically small words that are used in place of a noun.  Pronouns often used to avoid repeating the noun. I, he, you, we, they, hers and it are the examples of Pronouns.


Prepositions only come before nouns or pronouns and show a connection with nouns.

For example:

  • Your laptop is on the table.
  • The children went to school.
  • We rested under the tree.
  • Shyam hid behind the sofa.


Conjunctions are link words.  A conjunction connects sentences or parts of it.

  • The carpet is blue and
  • The road was busy. And it was loud.
  • Rohit closed the door but he didn’t lock it because he thought she was still inside.


There are two types of articles i.e. definite and indefinite.

The definite article is ‘the’. It is used to recognize a specific object.

Indefinite articles are two i.e. ‘a’ and ‘an’. It is used to refer to something in general.

For example:

  • The dog sat on the (We know which dog and which carpet).
  • I need a (Here the person does not want a specific ruler, he is asking for anyone).
  • The bus would struggle to reach up a (Here we can understand which bus, but are referring to any hill).

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What you'll learn
Listening & conversation Skill Improvement
Developing reading skills & vocabulary
Vocabulary Anecdotes
Improvement in basic conversation
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    • 10 Player profiles with Activities
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