Basic English Speaking Course Online

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2210 students
Basic English Speaking Course Online

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Basic English Speaking Course Online

Basic English Speaking Course Online study has been designed to turn your love for cricket into learning English. For english speaking course British Council, world leaders in English language training, joined hands in partnership with the Mr. Krish Srikanth, former Indian cricket captain and chairman of selectors of the planet cup winning team.

It brings together both English and Cricket, an interactive exciting and engaging English course which is easy to understand and grasp. The course includes continuous assessment, measurement of progress and leads to a course completion certificate.

British Council started its journey in 1934 founded by the British Government. Its headquarters is in London, United Kingdom. With over 86 years of rich experience in the English language, we can help you achieve your goals!

Englishstroke & English Speaker welcomes you to join our carefully designed Basic English speaking course online. In this module, we are committed to giving you a great and different English learning experience with great results.

Basic Requirement of the Course

For english speaking course, the candidate needs a basic understanding of the English language to follow the course material and should have completed Beginner English Speaking Course given at initial level.

Kindly note questions and answers on a notebook for practice and review the new vocabulary and their uses in practical.

Why you should do this Course?

If you are struggling with english speaking and want to become a master of spoken English, then the British Council has presented your the best English learning course. The technique of presenting, speaking, and listening abilities is very interactive for your improvement in all areas of the English language. For english speaking course, just register yourself here and start study certified course.

For english speaking course, we have no bar of caste, cread, religion or state.  Whether you wish to start learning English as a student or as a beginner or an Executive, Housewife, a businessman, we have the Best English Speaking course in India for you, making you speak fluent English!

Our English speaking course is designed by experts and technical team to meet the daily needs of people who struggle with English speaking skills. Such people have very bad experiences for themselves and the listener.

Basic English Speaking Course online free in other sense. Just Rs 500/- in 2020 for six certified courses may please be considered as free. You need not to go anywhere in this pandemic situation and stay home, stay safe.

What is the Content in this Course?

Basic English Speaking Course online contains 20 Units. Each unit will have the followings:

– Pre-teach Knowledge

– Phrases

– Conversation

– Reviews

– Quiz

Basic Learning Practice: Contains 20 Units. Each unit will have, Pre-teach knowledge, all Phrases, Conversation, Review, and Quiz test. The candidate will be able to ask simple questions and give answers.

He/she will also express his/her likes and dislikes. We shall also teach you to use polite greetings and some basic conversational expressions. Uses of phrases to introduce themselves give basic information, apply for a job and questions and answers being asked during an interview.

The student will be able to greet new people, ask them about their jobs. You shall also be able to use WH- question words to ask and answer basic questions about their daily routines activities. To introduce learners to common phrases related to greetings, employment and daily routines.

Languages of the Course are also available in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu language

Learn with Kris Srikkanth

On getting your enrollment done in our courses, you automatically get the prospect to find out with Kris Srikkanth – former Indian cricket captain and chairman of selectors of the planet cup winning team.

Mr. Kris will take you on an interesting journey which will not only offer you the talents to find out English, but also an excellent experience of studying.

Learn at your own pace

 We, unlike our competitors, don’t force any particular time-frame within which you’ve got to finish our courses. We are here to make sure that you systematically learn English.

One more thing which makes you more comfortable with our courses, you’ll have a lot of time of 6 months to master.

You need not go outside in this Coronavirus pandemic, and start study at your home. In this lockdown period, your kids can start study at home and you can ensure their safety as well.

This course duration is 6 months and you have full flexibility to complete it within 6 months. Though we recommend you start with own pace and complete all five courses within 6 months

Furthermore, Our English speaking course will help you learn new English cricket vocabulary, refine your English pronunciation and make you communicate in practical situations.

In short, if you have less knowledge of English and would like to speak more comfortably– the way it’s spoken – then this Basic English Learning Course is perfect for you.

Basic English Speaking Course Online Activities:-

  • Routine English Speaking during daily activities.
  • About your daily work activities of Basic English Speaking course online.
  • Polite & Greeting on Phone.
  • Daily routine English phrases.
  • Use of English in Sports and Free time activities.
  • Job advertisement learning vocabulary.
  • English use in Skill and Abilities.
  • Apply for a job to use words.
  • How to dress well?
  • About Countries and Travels.
  • Arrangement to meet someone and use of English sentences.
  • Offer to others in English.
  • Explaining why you want a job.
  • What are you doing?
  • Time speaking in English.
  • Describe how you feel about someone.
  • Job Offers and your reply.

Offering congratulations to people for joining this amazing Basic English Speaking Course Online.

For previous course, Beginner English Speaking Course, Click here. English Speaking course Delhi HO is at Shop No 1, Mata Chowk, Rangpuri, New Delhi-110037.

For English speaking course at next level ie Level 2 Intermediate English Speaking Course, Click Here.

What you'll learn
Vocabulary Anecdotes
This Language focus grammar
Listening & conversation
Developing reading skills & vocabulary
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    1. Very good Course in just Rs 500/-. Surely, course fee is going increase very soon. Recommending to English Learners.

    2. This course is amazing, it is extremely thorough and in depth! I am not finished with the course, but just the excel exercises alone are more than worth the price of the course! A must take course! Thank you!

    3. Rahul Srivastava October 2, 2019 at 2:03 pm

      This course is amazing, and the presentation is very nice.

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