Latest Advanced English Speaking Course 2020

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2210 students
2210 students
Latest Advanced English Speaking Course 2020

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Advanced English Speaking Course

Advanced English Speaking Course Online has been designed to turn your love for cricket into learning English. The course has been developed in partnership with the British Council, world leaders in English language training.

It brings together English and Cricket, an interactive exciting and engaging English course which is easy to understand and grasp. The course includes regular assessment, measurement of your progress in learning and results in a course completion certificate.

British Council started its journey in 1934 founded by the British Government. Its headquarters is in London, United Kingdom. With over 86 years of rich legacy in the English language, we can help you achieve your goals!

Englishstroke & English Speaker welcomes you to join our beautifully designed Advanced English Speaking Course online. In this module, we are committed to giving you a great and different English learning experience with great results.

Basic Requirement of the Course

For Advanced English Speaking Course, the candidate needs a basic understanding of the English language to follow the course material. This is the 3rd level of Online English Speaking Course, you alreay have completed the 1st -(Basic English Speaking Course)and 2nd (Intermediate English Speaking Course) level of this courses. Do you want not register yourself for the course? kindly register here.

You are advised to note questions and answers on a notebook for practice and review your vocabulary and their uses in practical. Advanced English Speaking Course is the final step of learning and you need a greater attention.

Why you should do this Course?

If you are struggling to speak English and want to become master in English, then Online English Speaking Course by British Council is the best for you. The technique of presenting yourself, speaking with your colleagues, and listening abilities is so interactive for your improvement in all areas of the English language.

Whether you wish to start Online English Speaking Course being a student or as a beginner or an Executive, Home Maker, we have the Best English Speaking course in India for you, making you speak fluent English! Advanced English Speaking Course makes you fluent in thinking and speaking.

Our Advanced English course is designed by experts and technical team to meet the daily needs of people who struggle with English speaking skills. Such people have very bad experiences for themselves and the listener.

What is the Content in this Course?

Advanced English Speaking Course online contains 10 Units. Each unit will have the followings:

– 10 Conversation Video & Activities

– 7 Grammar Video & Activities

– 10 Player profiles with Activities

– 12 Cricketing Tips about Advanced English Course.

– 10 Listen & Speak Activities

Level 3 Advanced English Course

At this level, the candidate will be able to understand most of the important elements of English grammar. You will learn a wide range of everyday conversational expressions. You will also learn a strong lexical base, strong listening and reading comprehension skills. At the end of Advanced English Course, you will have achieved a strong level of pronunciation awareness and ability to speak.

On completing the 4th level, the learner will:

You will have covered all the important elements of English grammar.

At this level, you will have learned all everyday conversational expressions in a variety of social situations.

You will be able to discuss a hypothetical situation easily. Now you can express more complex deduction and can relate a complex narrative. You can easily put your expressions and complex opinions.

At the 4th level, you have developed a stronghold on English command and broadened vocabulary in a difficult situation. Now you have developed a strong level of pronunciation awareness and ability.

You will also simply learn complex opinions and disagreements. To make more social conversation, this level will sharpen your English skill.

English Speaker Mission

We, with our organization, want to spread such a wonderful, easy learning course at an affordable price throughout India. Our mission is to provide handheld services with an online platform and want to scale it throughout India.

British Council’s History

The British Council is present in six continents and over 100 countries, bringing international opportunity to life. Each year British Council works with millions of people, connecting them with their plans, sharing their cultures.

United Kingdom’s most engaging assets are their English, the Arts, their education system and their ways of living and organizing society. They have over 86 years experience of doing this. In line with its charter, the British Council aims to bring top quality English materials to each learner or teacher who wants them around the world.

British Council worked with governments to rework whole education systems to extend opportunity and employability through English. The British Council also delivers English teaching and train teachers by radio, web and broadcast in developing and post-conflict countries.


You can get shine your personality by improving your English! With over 86 years of English language teaching experience, we have tried our best to provide you easy learning program to achieve your career goals!!!

Improve your grammar through Advanced English Speaking Course.

Learn useful vocabulary and uses.

Develop your listening skills practically.

Improve your spoken English with Advanced English Speaking Course.

Develop your pronunciation of English with our courses.

Develop your confidence in spoken English, accuracy, fluency in speech and communicative ability.

Improve your personality with Powerpack Skills Development Courses

We can give you the confidence and skills you need to speak confidently and perform better at job interviews.

This course duration is 6 months and you have full flexibility to complete it within 6 months. Though we recommend you start with own pace and complete all five courses within 6 months

Furthermore, Our English speaking course will help you learn new English cricket vocabulary, refine your English pronunciation and make you communicate in practical situations.

We are offering congratulations to the students for joining this amazing Basic English Speaking Course Online.

For online English Speaking Course, Click here. English Speaking course Delhi HO is at Shop No 1, Mata Chowk, Rangpuri, New Delhi-110037.

For Personlity Development course, Click Here.

What you'll learn
Important elements of English grammar
All everyday conversational expressions
Ability to discuss a hypothetical situations
Stronghold and command over English language
Strong level of pronunciation awareness
Complex opinions and disagreements
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  • 10 Player profiles with Activities
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