Is the ban on Chinese apps is legitimate in 2020?

Is the ban on Chinese apps is legitimate in 2020?

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Is the ban on the Chinese apps is a right step being taken by the Indian Government? This question is a burning topic of discussion around the world.

At first, China infected the world with COVID 19 or Coronavirus pandemic and now threatening with expansion of boundaries line with neighboring countries, is among brutal steps in modern welfare society.

Chinese Psychological Warfare during Coronavirus

During the pandemic of covid19, the whole of the world as well as India were busy protecting its’ people. The soldiers as always were defending and doing their duty at the borders in sun, rain or even in snow. The nurses, doctors, police and municipal staffs are working hard as the unsung heroes of the nation during this time of need.

In this pandemic time, the thing that shook the whole nation was a severe attack on the Indian soldiers without any warning from the neighboring country China.

The two countries clashed at the Doklam plateau in early 2017. This year there were words exchanged along with some hand to hand conflicts. India believes in peace, so Indian army officials went to the spot and had a word with the Chinese army officials.

The matter of conflict was that the Chinese army moved towards the Indian Territory where it was decided earlier that no country would setup base in this part of the land.

The Gulwan Ghati was the region that China intended on getting into Indian region. We must know the facts that the LAC that is line that both countries agreed on as their geographical boundaries.


Indian Army officials and the Chinese Army officials decided that they would move back and not to conduct any more constructions. Indian Army moved as per the commitment but the Chinese Army did not move.

They kept hiding there in the darkness of night, when the Indian Army went for patrolling the Chinese Army attacked the Indian soldiers with sharp and hard .The clash in the Galwan Valley, in the disputed Himalayan territory of Ladakh, took place on 15 June, after high-level military commanders from both nations agreed to peacefully resolve the problem respecting the LAC.

The main incident took place when the Indian soldiers moved back as per agreement and while patrolling when the Indian army came to that point they found that the Chinese soldiers didn’t move. This Gulwam ghati had been the place where the Chinese had in past also tried to capture.

Ban on Chinese apps

This incident has resulted in boycott of Chinese products by many Indians. The patriotism has reached its peak when our brave soldiers were martyred by the Chinese soldiers.

The Government of India had taken steps like banning 59 Chinese apps. Let’s know a bit more about why Indian government had banned these apps? What is the reason to ban Chinese apps for conflicts in border? Is it just to show boycott or there are other reasons.

Banned Chinese apps List in India




UC Browser

Baidu map


Clash of Kings

DU battery saver



YouCam makeup

Mi Community

CM Browers

Virus Cleaner

APUS Browser


Club Factory


Beauty Plus


UC News

QQ Mail



QQ Music

QQ Newsfeed

Bigo Live


Mail Master

Parallel Space

Mi Video Call – Xiaomi


ES File Explorer

Viva Video – QU Video Inc


Vigo Video

New Video Status

DU Recorder

Vault- Hide

Cache Cleaner DU App studio

DU Cleaner

DU Browser

Hago Play With New Friend

Cam Scanner

Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile

Wonder Camera

Photo Wonder

QQ Player

We Meet

Sweet Selfie

Baidu Translate


QQ International

QQ Security Center

QQ Launcher

U Video

V fly Status Video

Mobile Legends

DU Privacy


Well I am here to let you know the main reason for these Chinese apps to be banned. Chinese games and Chinese apps and affiliates programs that had been banned when installed in our mobile or our pc/ laptop it requires some permission from our side.

All these Chinese apps apps ask for such permission, but the twist is that these apps ask for your personal details.

Let’s take the example of a simple Chinese app developed game Mobile legend Bang Bang. This game asks for permission for your mic, camera, email, storage, contacts.

Now my question is why a game would want the contact details and emails of your personal data. It’s a cyber-criminal organization of the Chinese government to use such apps to infiltrate our Indian cyber space and make Indian Cyber security faulty.

There’s more to the catch, they also earn a lot from Indian users making their finance stronger. The money they earn from Indian user not only that but by making us use the Chinese apps they are collecting information about our country.

The most famous Chinese app banned is Tiktok, a video creating app. Most of the youth were using this app before the ban. A fact that not many noticed is that in that app one cannot control what video he or she sees.

It is totally controlled by the company. Wait wait there’s one more to the story, a video making Chinese apps asks for permission to access contacts messages email and location, now ask yourself?

Also there had been reports of Tiktok banning users or removing videos that says anything against China. This may be enough and right time for the youths of our country to stop tiktok for good.

The Martyr of Army who sacrificed for their country and what is our responsibility as a citizen of India. Where has the respect gone? People are crying for Tiktok been banned, whereas the unsung heroes are dying and fighting for the safety of our nation.

It’s now or never, rises up against such Chinese apps, respect the martyr by showing condolence to their family or by helping the ones whom their beloved left behind.


China is now trying to find out the ways to make India tremble under pressure. The Chinese officials are gathering the neighbor countries of India against it. The countries like Nepal and Pakistan.

China is helping and funding the Pakistani government to nourish terrorism to invade India. Nepal creating problem regarding its border against India now rises points of dispute so that India’s foreign relation gets destroyed.

The Chinese government trying to create pressure on India with the neighbor countries likes Pakistan and Nepal. But India is not alone in this battle super powers like USA, Russia will aid India if war situation is ignited.


The media is using this as a chance to grow up trap for their channels. India does not want war. But this new media are showing news in such a way as if the whole nation wants war.

Use and repetition of same video as breaking news and polluting the sacrifice of martyr’s as a matter of debates. The sacrifices that our army made or is making are not to be appointing for any debate.

The news channel undoubtedly adds fuel to the fire. Broadcasting news on basis of only illusions are making and spreading news.

Now comes the political heroes, it is not a time to ask or rise questions as oppositions. We, united need to act to the situation. PM visited the division of army at Ladakh and giving speech to motivate our armed forces.

Our Prime Minister, Mr. Narender Modi have done a great job by motivating our soldier and conveyed a strong message to the world and specially to China. But is it only the praising that the army deserve.

We need more facilities and power to be given to the army in action. We need more weapons, more power to be the super power.


This is the plan of the Chinese mastermind who is afraid of India developing fast. The peace of our nation is in danger. The Chinese army tried to infiltrate Indian Territory but they did not succeed because our Army halted them.

The question rising now is that should we boycott Chinese apps and products or not. I will give you the facts to help you decide. If we boycott the Chinese apps or products we not only show our anger to China.

But also we will let our Indian manufacturers to develop more. As our PM Mr. Narendra Modi said ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’. This is the time to be self-dependent.

It is the times when we can easily make the local products take influence in the Indian market. With more indulgent of the Indian products in Indian market, the finance of the country will stay in country itself and all the people will be eventually benefited.

Now it’s up to you to decide whether these apps are important or the blood of our brothers, the martyrs of the Gulwan ghati are important.

All media are reporting the situation of the region to be intense, but we must not forget the fact that the Jawans standing there are not alone. We the whole of India are with them.

Let the silent act of Boycott reach to the Beijing as a warning bell. It is time to rise. All for one, one for all. We Indians are united and our unity should not break at this time of need. We won’t give a single rock to the Chinese.






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